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The wreath of roses, that hung from the lowest green bough of the Maypole, had been twined for them, and would be thrown over both their heads, in symbol of their flowery union.
But as their flowery garland was wreathed of the brightest roses that had grown there, so, in the tie that united them, were intertwined all the purest and best of their early joys.
Didn't you hear us calling you?' Almost as flushed as she had been in my dream, she leaned over the edge of the bank and began to demolish our flowery pagoda.
See there the olive-grove of Academe, Plato's retirement, where the Attic bird Trills her thick-warbled notes the summer long; There, flowery hill, Hymettus, with the sound Of bees' industrious murmur, oft invites To studious musing; there Ilissus rowls His whispering stream.
((LACUNA)) Nestor alone escaped in flowery Gerenon.'
892: He (Apollonius) followed Hesiod who thus names the island of the Sirens: `To the island Anthemoessa (Flowery) which the son of Cronos gave them.'
Rebecca, Adam thought, as he took off his hat and saluted the pretty panorama,--Rebecca, with her tall slenderness, her thoughtful brow, the fire of young joy in her face, her fillet of dark braided hair, might have been a young Muse or Sibyl; and the flowery hayrack, with its freight of blooming girlhood, might have been painted as an allegorical picture of The Morning of Life.
By this time the whole anchorage had fallen into shadow--the last rays, I remember, falling through a glade of the wood and shining bright as jewels on the flowery mantle of the wreck.
A jolly-looking, fat little man, in a flowery dressing-gown, with a large book under each arm, came trotting in at the other end of the room, and was going straight across without taking any notice of the children.
Jones and wife Janet of Harrisburg; daughter, Connie Moore and husband Robert of Birmingham, Alabama; daughter, Edie Sparks and husband Thomas of Kennesaw, Georgia; stepson, Lowell Riegel and wife Debbie of Benton; stepson, Gary Riegel and wife Irma of Oakland; nine grandchildren, Rebecca Massey and husband Joel of Flowery Branch, Georgia; Marcia Burch and husband Stephen of Columbia, South Carolina; Tara Grosner and husband John of New York City; Dr.
More than half of France is on FLOWERY alert with charities in Paris giving water to the homeless.
Contract: cp2900 supply of all labour, plant and materials to carry out groundworks to substructure and drainage at leys junior school, 22 flowery leys lane, alfreton, derbyshire, de55 7ha.