flowery language

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Don't have long slabs of text that stream on with endless flowery language.
His character Dorr uses some remarkably flowery language which Hanks relished.
There's a beauty and simplicity in art just like music and you don't have to use flowery language to appreciate it properly.
And officials in India have excellent grammar but tend to use flowery language like: "He was conveyed to his place of residence in a state of alcoholic intoxication.
While Clinton spoke in flowery language about using ``the fruits of our prosperity today to strengthen our prospects for tomorrow,'' his chief of staff, John Podesta, laid it on the line.
He used fancy, flowery language to sanitise what went on in the death camps, didn't he?
Yesterday's grand plan was, as one group put it, a road to nowhere - big on flowery language but completely lacking substance.
It was a typical politician's speech and it is clear the Government wants to privatise the NHS and the rest of what she said was just flowery language.
The speech may have flowed over with the flowery language of a pro-European but was packed with the harsh reality of a Treasury which has stamped its cautious authority the Prime Minister'son hopes.
He in turn is attracted by their flowery language and particularly Carlo's passion, which has also ensnared Serena - a young mixed-race woman compelled to go west from her native Cardiff by her mother.
But it's mostly an excuse to exercise Ludlam's high-flown sensibility, complete with bad wigs, ominous organ music, buckets of dry ice, preposterously flowery language (``I prepared myself for bed, as is my wont.