flowery language

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People detest reading and listening to the stuff that contains flowery language, age-old preaching and the so-called 'pearls of wisdom'.
Without batting an eye, the man told the MP in flowery language that he wanted her any day, any time.
What hurts is not only the archaic, flowery language and poor English sentences.
It not only taught me how to charm people but also how to use flowery language as a writer.
United States President Donald Trump decried on Thursday that the US was not taking in enough immigrants from Norway, and accepting too many arrivals from Haiti, El Salvador and Africa, combined with some flowery language that I would prefer not to reproduce.
A similar argument is presented in defense of Rodrigo Duterte's foul mouth: What would you rather have, a president who curses but cares for the country, or a president who speaks in flowery language but doesn't care for the people?
FRENCH people speak a rather more flowery language than we do.
Your mom was right: information that sounds too good to be true often uses generic or flowery language to cover factual inconsistencies.
Popovic takes great care with her prose, but the flowery language slows down the plot, making it difficult for the novel to gain momentum and retain the reader's attention.
His voice-over is full of cruel asides and flowery language, which delights in its public schoolboy humour and obsesses over bodily fluids and functions.
Even some of history's greatest writers have cautioned against the use of excessively flowery language.
She avoids the romantic and flowery language that was used years ago.