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The original CEESI wet gas flow test facility was a nominal 4-inch pipeline with natural gas and hydrocarbon liquid as the flowing fluids.
But it does have a single burner rate control that regulates the amount of fuel flowing to the burner.
Figure 5b is an optical florescence micrograph of the liposomes encapsulating florescent dye flowing through the channel with a vacuum pressure of 5 cm Hg measured at the pump.
The back-relief strategy resulted in a somewhat flatter velocity profile than was obtained for an unrelieved die (not shown), but the adjacent thick and thin sections in the center of the die (arrow in figure) resulted in rubber flowing from the thinner to adjacent thicker section as indicated by the local minimum in the velocity profile.
Cash flow is the amount and consistency of funds flowing through a business during a given period.
The emphasis is placed on applying a shear factor [lambda] for flowing suspensions in pipes instead of apparent viscosity [[mu].sub.a] which applies strictly to laminar flow.
A river adjusts to variations in seasonal changes in volumetric flow by means of its thalweg (the thread of fastest flowing water) (Ingle and Stopp, 106), its flood plains, and its underground flow.
You may think you only need to keep track of day-to-day activities in order to measure profits, but there's no way to accurately track all the money flowing in and out of your business in your head.
The ultrasonic flow meter is used to measure the fluid velocity which will calculate the motion of the gas or any liquid flowing. The flow meter measures the average velocity with the help of ultrasonic transducers.
It is a flowing mixture of gas and liquid where the liquid makes up a relatively small part of the mixture by volume.
Most often, it is assumed that after the choke, metal flowing into the runner completely fills the runner as it progresses toward the first gate.