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4-5 weeks post-surgery, patient developed fluctuant swelling along the surgical scar which was unresponsive to various antibiotics.
Approximately 10% of patients develop overlying erythema and fluctuant lymph nodes that require drainage.
Four days after the patient was admitted to our unit, a large fluctuant area appeared on the dorsum of his left foot; drainage from the area consisted of a grossly purulent, foul-smelling material.
For lesions that are not fluctuant or purulent, appropriate first-line antibiotics are semisynthetic penicillins (dicloxacillin), first- or second-generation oral cephalosporins, macrolides, and clindamycin.
This suggests that the Romanian capital market performance and financial are fluctuant, and, of course, we can not talk about the existence of sectorial performance features companies.
On auscultation of the lungs and air sacs, crackles were detected; the abdomen was distended and fluctuant on palpation.
On the other hand, if either an ulcer or a fluctuant node is present, you can culture it to obtain a diagnosis within a few days.
It may be solitary or multiple, firm to fluctuant, well circumscribed, smooth and round and usually the overlaying skin is normal (Alam and Rahman, 2012).
On examination, a 2x2cm bluish fluctuant swelling was seen over the left undersurface of tongue.
3,4 Three avenues can address swelling and infec- tion,1,2 establish drainage through the root canal, estab- lish drainage by incising a fluctuant swelling and antibiotic treatment.
Progression of the disease leads to irregular adherent masses, densely fibrous at some places while fluctuant and discharging at others.