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Later on, perhaps through Chaucer's example, he turned to English, and in 'Confessio Amantis' (A Lover's Confession) produced a series of renderings of traditional stories parallel in general nature to 'The Canterbury Tales.' He is generally a smooth and fluent versifier, but his fluency is his undoing; he wraps up his material in too great a mass of verbiage.
He could immediately say with easy fluency, "I am sorry you are going; but as to our play, that is all over--entirely at an end" (looking significantly at his father).
Tess attempted to expostulate, but at this juncture all her fluency failed her, and without heeding he added:
The next was a pretty little scene from the immortal story of "Babes in the Wood." Jamie and Pokey came trotting in, hand in hand, and, having been through the parts many times before, acted with great ease and much fluency, audibly directing each other from time to time as they went along.
The young imps on the verandah were not disappointed in their hope of hearing him "swar," which he did with a fluency and fervency which delighted them all amazingly, as they ducked and dodged hither and thither, to be out of the reach of his riding-whip; and, all whooping off together, they tumbled, in a pile of immeasurable giggle, on the withered turf under the verandah, where they kicked up their heels and shouted to their full satisfaction.
* Read to Someone; reading to someone allows more time to practice strategies, which help you to work on oral fluency and expression, to check for understanding, to hear your own voice, and to share in the learning community.
Because they have a scattering of acquired skills, such as decoding, these students can manage to read material, but they may have difficulty with fluency and comprehension (Paige, Rasinski, Magpuri-Lavell, 2012; Rasinski, Reutzel, Chard, & Linan-Thompson, 2011).
Math Fact Fluency: 60+ Games and Assessment Tools to Support Learning and Retention
Current research shows an increased incidence of cognitive dysfunction in subjects with Type 2 diabetes, especially that of verbal fluency, i.e., the ease of processing information as well as short-term memory.
Talal Abu-Ghazaleh International University (TAGI-UNI) announced the launching of the Arabic Fluency Program comprising the Arabic Fluency Test and the Arabic Placement Test as well as various training programs for both Arabic speakers and non-Arabic speakers.
The company is committed to matching the generous donations used to fund teacher requests on DonorsChoose.org of up to $100,000 for its innovative Daily Math Fluency solution for grades K-5.
This year's conference theme is "Focus on Fluency." The theme explores the various techniques, research and ideas used to help English language learners become fluent.