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He could immediately say with easy fluency, "I am sorry you are going; but as to our play, that is all over--entirely at an end" (looking significantly at his father).
Tess attempted to expostulate, but at this juncture all her fluency failed her, and without heeding he added:
Jamie and Pokey came trotting in, hand in hand, and, having been through the parts many times before, acted with great ease and much fluency, audibly directing each other from time to time as they went along.
The young imps on the verandah were not disappointed in their hope of hearing him "swar," which he did with a fluency and fervency which delighted them all amazingly, as they ducked and dodged hither and thither, to be out of the reach of his riding-whip; and, all whooping off together, they tumbled, in a pile of immeasurable giggle, on the withered turf under the verandah, where they kicked up their heels and shouted to their full satisfaction.
KOTESOL requests proposals on fluency development in the four skills (writing, reading, speaking and listening) and fluency development in young learners.
Gospel Fluency Handbook" provides in-depth studies of the Gospel with a concentration on helping the reader recognize areas of unbelief to strengthen and grow in their faith equipping the reader to live the gospel message as the central purpose of daily life immersing them in their local community culture.
Here is the list of process skills covered in this book: Solution fluency, information fluency, creativity fluency, media fluency, collaboration fluency latency, global digital citizenship.
It was introduced because native Welsh speaking children lacked sufficient English language fluency to be able to effectively learn through the medium of English.
Clinical Decision Making in Fluency Disorders, 4th Edition (online access included)
This case study examined the effectiveness of three fluency interventions (i.
However, whereas the majority of researchers have suggested the advantages of fluency of discount information processing, Motyka et al.
A new 10 million Mandarin Excellence Programme will see at least 5,000 young people on track towards fluency in Mandarin Chinese by 2020.