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The survey showed that 11% (310,600) of all people aged three and over living in Wales in 2013-14 could speak Welsh fluently compared with 12% (317,300) in 2004-06.
Blaming the pitch for being too slow and hard to time the ball on, Root, who scored 68 as England meandered to 4-247 in 116 overs at stumps on day three, said that even prolific batsmen like Ian Bell and Kevin Pietersen, who score quite fluently, have found it hard to score on such pitches throughout the summer.
Headteacher Danny MacAreavy said: "We are all committed to reading fluently and with expression and are very proud of the children's achievements.
Despite the fact that I was born and raised in this country, I am sadly not in a position to speak Arabic fluently - I feel the schools and institutions are to be blamed in this case, not us.
The step came to raise the scientific level of professors and students and enable them to speak English fluently," he added.
The only person who speaks the Albanian language fluently is former Defense Minister Lazar Elenovski whereas former Deputy PM Vasko Naumovski speaks the language pretty well.
The 2012 Derby is run at Wimbledon, and Eden Star didn't always break fluently there during his successful Puppy Derby campaign (only one subsequent win has been recorded from the five beaten finalists) in August.
THE number of primary school pupils who speak Welsh fluently is virtually unchanged after 23 years, according to the schools census.
1) Since LMRA primarily deals with expatriates, the reception counter staff must speak English fluently.
Silvano Prandi, the new head coach of Bulgaria's national volleyball team has spoken of his admiration for the side he was taking over and has vowed to learn Bulgarian fluently.
Hendry, making a record 12th last-four appearance, cued smoothly and fluently as he put together a superb 140 total clearance - the 718th century of his career - to take the opening frame, but O'Sullivan launched his comeback with 102 in the sixth .
Arthur, 53, who actually speaks French fluently, has moved to a farmhouse on the outskirts of Aberdeen to pen his new project.