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While we walked toward the house he related incidents and delivered messages in the tongue he spoke fluently, and I dropped a little behind, curious to know what their relations had become--or remained.
Meriem spoke English fluently now, and read and wrote it as well.
I wonder if he has forgotten the many unanswerable questions which he propounded to me so fluently on the day when I gave him my last lecture?
One useful result of his former experiences was that he could talk fluently in the Lingoa Geral, which is the peculiar talk, one-third Portuguese and two-thirds Indian, which is current all over Brazil.
He talked fluently and well, not without humour, but with a slightly dogmatic manner: he was a journalist, it appeared, and had something amusing to say on every topic that was touched upon; but it exasperated Philip to find himself edged out of the conversation.
At eighteen he read fluently and understood nearly all he read in the many and varied volumes on the shelves.
We have shattered one theory at least," was his only comment, and then he returned to his self-assumed occupation of fluently cursing the steering wheel.
Not only do you read very fluently, but also you have made marvellous progress in writing.
In its effect on her hearers it rather resembled the contents of a fluently conventional letter, read aloud.
In Nigeria today, it is hard to find a child who speaks his/her mother tongue fluently, as most parents prefer to speak to their children or wards in the English language.
The purpose of course was to teach and equip Pakistani workforce and middle management of various industrial and commercial units with skills to fluently speak, negotiate and make correspondence in Chinese language with their counterparts, he added.
By encouraging teachers to use phonics where pupils are taught to read by breaking words down into their component sounds the government is getting closer to a time when all pupils are reading fluently and accurately by the age of six.