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A post-operative CT demonstrated complete resolution of the fluid compartment (Fig.
Paramount to the understanding of fluid removal and DW assessment in HD is the basic concept of fluid transport between the two major fluid compartments in the body, intracellular and extracellular compartments (Amato, et al.
The polyphenylene sulfide polymer is used to produce the so-called "can", a hermetically sealed fluid compartment, and internal pump components.
Failure to consider these issues can result in significant co-mingling of fluids between the separate cleaning compartments with resulting compositional changes of a given fluid compartment.
Since the water tank is separate from the cleaning fluid compartment, consumers can switch from one setting to another during one use.
Effect of transverse temporal bone fracture on the fluid compartment of the inner ear.
Protein levels greater than 400 mg/L in this fluid compartment are present in about 90% of Guillain-Barre cases.