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OUNCE. The name of a weight. An ounce avoirdupois weight is the sixteenth part of a pound; an ounce troy weight is the twelfth part of a pound. Vide Weights.

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METRIC 4 ounces 113 g Bread and Egg Panada (Recipe 14-15) 1 pound 453 g Shrimp, peeled and deveined 1/2 ounce 14 g Onion, softened in butter and cooled 1 ounce 28 g Pate salt 8 fluid ounces 240 mL Heavy cream PREPARATION STEPS: 1.
IDC has engineered and designed a disposable, 96 fluid ounce, Beverage Carafe that provides specialty coffee retailers, caterers and food service providers with a cost effective bulk beverage carrier.
GOJO Cherry Gel Pumice Hand Cleaner is available in portable 6 fluid ounce and 10 fluid ounce squeeze bottles, 1/2gallon and I gallon pump-top bottles and the GOJO PRO TDX Dispensing System in 2000 ml and 5000 ml sizes.
In just three steps--cut, pour, add water--consumers can refill a clean, single 26 fluid ounce Windex bottle with cleaner.
It is available in 2 and 8 fluid ounce sizes and sells for suggested retail prices of $4.
20, 1996--Carnation is voluntarily recalling one production code of Carnation Alsoy Concentrate soy formula in 13 fluid ounce cans because it is mislabeled in a way that could lead to infants consuming undiluted concentrated formula.
0 fluid ounce bars are available in five-packs with a suggested retail price between $2.
The product comes in two sizes -- 16 fluid ounce amber bottles, and four liter dark green glass jugs -- and is sold vacuum packed and unrefrigerated.
is voluntarily recalling 60,000 lots of Gericare Eye Wash, Sterile Eye Irrigation Solution, 4 fluid ounces to the hospital, retail or consumer level.
The nurses had given us all our instructions in millilitres yet the Tommee Tippee works in fluid ounces.
The nurses had given us all our instructions in milliliters yet the Tommee Tippee works in fluid ounces.