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OUNCE. The name of a weight. An ounce avoirdupois weight is the sixteenth part of a pound; an ounce troy weight is the twelfth part of a pound. Vide Weights.

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Requires 90 percent less plastic packaging than a 26 fluid ounce trigger bottle -- enough to make 6.
For products containing at least 7 percent and not more than 14 percent of alcohol, a single serving would be 5 fluid ounces.
Coke accounts for less than two of the 64 fluid ounces that the typical person drinks a day.
Fluid ounces of absolute alcohol consumed were averaged, and the women were stratified as having no alcohol use, low use (less than 0.
It would force all pubs to use larger glasses capable of holding 20 fluid ounces of ale, with the froth having to begin above a pint mark.
The labels will include prominently displayed facts about the product's container size, alcohol by volume, number of servings in the container and serving size in fluid ounces, plus the following statement: "According to the U.
The unit fills from fractions of an ounce to up to 32 fluid ounces per piston.
8 grams of protein in 8 fluid ounces of skim chocolate milk.
The standard unit of measure for draught beer is the half and pint - ten or 20 fluid ounces.
A "King Size" novelty at 7 fluid ounces, the RolloCone uses a premium quality ice cream with a 14% butterfat content.
Heat 12 ounces of sugar in 17 fluid ounces of water until dissolved.
LID 57763), asked the PLCB if the brewery could, under the Pennsylvania Liquor Code and PLCB regulations, "prepare a single large container of malt or brewed beverages consisting of twelve (12) smaller containers, each holding approximately twelve (12) fluid ounces, designed to be sold as a single unit.