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"A world with true gender fluidity is more than just what a character looks like."
Kinsey (1) recognised the concept of sexual fluidity when he asked his participants to identify themselves as exclusively heterosexual/exclusively homosexual or largely or predominantly heterosexual thus providing confirmation that sexual behaviours can be situational.
Table 1 describes the orthogonal experimental design for nine trials with three levels of concentrations for each reactant components' variable and corresponding cement fluidity. At the same time, the mean values (MVs) and orthogonal extreme values (EVs) are also shown in Table 1, while Table 2 illustrates the levels of the four factors used in the experimental design.
(2) Series B studied the influence of the ratio of GGBFS substituting the cement content on the compressive strength and fluidity of UHPFRC.
It led to people in the area taking up the sport and Fluidity Freerun was born.
Fluidity Freerun is hoping to set up in an academy at the site of a former trampoline park in Cardiff
To this end, we construct a unique measure of the trend in labor market fluidity by combining trends on the major flows into and out of employment with job-to-job transitions, interstate migration, and job creation and destruction.
The image of architectural fluidity is not particularly new, of course.
"The loss of labor market fluidity suggests the US.
Looking gorgeous in full 1080p, the DualShock 4 control with its central touchpad area is a perfect fit, letting you juggle multiple hotbars and abilities while enjoying fluidity of character control.
Fluidity is critical in pouring concrete; water is frequently added to maintain fluidity from mixing to pouring.
Disruptive fluidity; the poetics of the pop cogito.