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He said that a decrease of membrane fluidity can affect the rotation and diffusion of proteins and other bio-molecules within the membrane, thereby affecting the functions of these molecules whereas, an increase in membrane fluidity makes for a more flexible membrane and facilitates the transmission of light through the eye.
Chapter three examines Pentateuchal sources rejecting YHWH's fluidity.
These acid-tolerant cells manifested about 10% higher membrane fluidity compared to the non-acid-adapted controls.
Diamond has produced a compassionate and revealing book that does much to advance the idea of sexual fluidity among women.
New alloys, both hypoeutectic and hypereutectic, then were prepared to explore the influence of alloy composition, primarily the aluminum content, on fluidity and impact strength (Table 1).
In a creep test, this time-integrated paint fluidity is equal to the measured compliance J(t).
Chapter 4 develops the nature of narrative fluidity further.
Basell has developed a new, narrow molecular weight, high fluidity polypropylene grade that can address customer requests for more demanding resin performance in meltblown applications.
These are applied with felt and Q-tips in acrylic ink that maintains a sense of fluidity and captures the luminosity of the support.
ACULYN 38 has compatibility with a wide range of cosmetic materials so that it can create a wide range of rinse-off and leave-on products with improved transparency, homogeneity and fluidity.
The forces driving this effect can be divided into three overlapping categories: the dismantling of the organizational and spatial structures that helped keep order in China's cities during the Maoist era (from 1949 to 1978); a dramatic increase in the overall fluidity of urban societies in China (accompanied by the erosion of traditional moral and behavioral boundaries); and a new set of cultural values that has encouraged more urban Chinese to think of themselves as actors with individual agency.
The near transparency of the extension gives it a fluidity that enhances the architectural context.