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Fluidity Freerun wants to open an academy in Cardiff
Thus, the downward trend in fluidity predates the early 1990s, which highlights an important limitation of analyses of the fluidity trends that are based on data sources only available starting in the 1990s.
The Higgs boson's critical role in explaining how forces form matter suggests a potent model of fluidity for architecture: It suggests that architectural fluidity is not a material property or formal condition of architecture but is formative of architecture.
He said that a decrease of membrane fluidity can affect the rotation and diffusion of proteins and other bio-molecules within the membrane, thereby affecting the functions of these molecules whereas, an increase in membrane fluidity makes for a more flexible membrane and facilitates the transmission of light through the eye.
Starting with the interaction, there are many complexities that exist when trying to make machines speak with the same fluidity as humans.
Fluidity will help the company offer distinct capability to engineer, construct and manage an all-inclusive, customised solution for water sourcing, transfer, containment, treatment, beneficial reuse, recycle, transport, disposal and infrastructure related development.
Chapter two discusses divine fluidity in ancient Israel.
It appears that alterations in the membrane fluidity of the acid-tolerant strains might confer cross-resistance to other stresses.
In Sexual Fluidity, Lisa Diamond argues that heterosexuals find the idea of a consistent sexual orientation throughout life reassuring, because it means they'll never become "one of them.
By following a group of 100 women over ten years, she explores such topics as same-sex sexual attraction and gender, fluidity in sexual orientation over time, and the practical implications of female sexual fluidity.
Improvements in fluidity were achieved, and industrial trials showed the alloy could be used to produce quality thin section parts.
4), (5) The time-integrated paint fluidity is equal to: