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on Thursday unveiled a new version of the robot dog Aibo, featuring better image-recognition functions and an improved body mechanism allowing it to move more fluidly.
This fluidly written and handsomely illustrated book is a pleasant sequel indeed to Gibson's Mirror of the Earth (1989), a detailed study of the sixteenth-century transformations of the panoramic landscape invented by Joachim Parinir.
The stylized shadow play gives Jutra an elusive presence that intersects fluidly with other visuals, including rare clips from Le Dement du lac Jean--Jeunes and recently discovered home movies, much of them in colour, Jutra took of himself and his family.
Fluidly edited to demonstrate the connectedness between each of Weber's passions, Chap Suey manages to fix on a craggy, warbling Robert Mitchum and a nubile Jan-Michael Vincent in the same visual breath.
Michaels Bedi sings fluidly and effortlessly, equally at home in English, French, German, or Italian as these songs from the Classical Age testify.
The quick-cut, flashing, music-video images revealed a petite, androgynous-looking black woman who fully enjoyed her bald head and whose music moved fluidly and seemingly free of mainstream convention.
You have information moving fluidly along across the company.
Thus, the most effective way to renew our dilapidated inner cities would be an influx of fluidly spending individuals.
According to Chief Information Officer Mark Dietrick, at Burt Hill, improving information sharing across the WAN emerged as a top IT priority due to significant file transfer delays which was not supportive of the company's goal of fluidly sharing resources between all of its offices.
The debut full-length poetry collection by author Julie Doxsee, Undersleep features a fluidly brief economy of words that nonetheless evoke ripples from the reader's unconsciousness.
Elo is doing a new work to Philip Glass (I hope he puts some lights on it this time so we can see the dancing), with a set by portrait painter Chuck Close and costumes by fashion designer Ralph Rucci; a premiere from the promising Millepied (a NYCB principal who has begun to choreograph) to a commissioned score by Nico Muhly; and the company premiere of Tharp's fluidly fun Baker's Dozen to the jazz music of Willie "The Lion" Smith.
Collecting testimonies from generations of students, professors, and staffs who lived and worked at the University of Alberta, I Was There reads fluidly throughout its length of seven hundred pages, as it walks the reader through highlights, anecdotes, funny stories, and moments that would shape history.