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The 360A hinge allows the Aspire R 11 to fluidly switch between 'notebook' mode for work and productivity, 'pad' mode for sharing information or playing light games, 'display' mode for enjoying movies or videos from afar, and 'tent' mode for use in confined spaces.
"The water flows between the pillars, rolling gently under the bridge and finding its own path, fluidly weaving together man and nature."
How gracefully the debaters handle themselves and how fluidly and knowledgably they speak will help voters decide who possesses the leadership intangibles they prefer.
Boss Laudrup said: "I thought he did quite well but once we all get to know each other things will start to move more fluidly.
"This is a grim, methodical world ruled by drab, mistrustful geeks who have come to relish their power, but Alfredson navigates it fluidly and keeps the many complicated pieces moving with quiet ease," concluded Christy Lemire from the Associated Press.
A collection insert positioned within the pocket and comprising a collection core encased by a liquid impermeable sheet, wherein the collection insert is configured to collect and temporarily retain urine, and wherein the collection insert is removably attached to the diaper, the liquid impermeable sheet positioned between the collection core and the absorbent core to prevent passage of urine out of the collection core and into the absorbent core such that the collection core is fluidly isolated from the absorbent core, and wherein apertures are located on a top portion of the liquid impermeable sheet facing the bodyside liner to allow urine to enter the collection core upon wetting of the diaper.
Important points are emphasized through encouragement of hands-on learning techniques that direct learners toward achievement in creating dynamic designs and effective control structures fluidly and with confidence.
It is done by simultaneously combining hand shapes, orientation and movement of the hands, arms or body, and facial expressions to fluidly convey someone's thoughts.
The book is done in a European style that falls somewhere between Tintin's clear line and the comic-dynamic style of Asterix, allowing action scenes to move fluidly and landscapes to reflect a resonant moodiness.
Thus, Buckeye shifts fluidly from one character's story to the next in a way that both formally and thematically connects his characters to one another.
Ford's latest four-speed automatic option for the 1.4-litre petrol Fiesta is representative of this, because it has few rough edges to the drivetrain, and can deliver power fluidly at most speeds.
Fluidly written, sometimes Hardy's leaps of knowledge defy one's imagination, but, after all, that's what makes the genre appealing.