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According to the parents of some of the students who were flunked by Villanueva in March, she asked them to donate a 32-inch TV set with speakers.
16 per cent -- had flunked, causing concern, if not alarm, for the Board of Control for Cricket in India ( BCCI).
After six lifters flunked drug tests last year, the Indian Weightlifting Federation (IWF) was slapped with a 500,000 dollar fine by the international body.
Rowling (author of the Harry Potter novels) who was so impoverished that she lived on welfare in an apartment infested with mice, to Sharon Stone who could not get a date to her own highschool prom dance, to Dick Cheney who flunked out of Yale University (twice
The young film student gladly accepted the $4,000 scholarship from the Jack Oakie Foundation a few years ago, but she flunked the test when asked if she knew who her benefactor was.
He's the one who suspended two dozen teachers in his district for failing a mandated literacy exam--after he flunked the written portion of a similar exam three times in the past three years.
We adore Kate and Liv, but they flunked the lesbian chemistry lab.
However, both of the chondroitin-only samples flunked, and six of the 13 combination samples failed because they contained low levels of chondroitin.
In contrast, Clinton flunked the press's likability test.
A "bulge" in enrollments in Grade 9 indicates more students nationally are being flunked to repeat Grade 9.
Since the time six Indian weightlifters flunked WADA dope tests at a national open trial in Pune in September, the writing was on the wall.
Brad's evenings are devoted to reliving college glories with a police football team -- when he should be studying for the bar exam, which he's already flunked twice.