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Taft was endorsed by Roosevelt in the 1908 presidential election, but here's where the Nationals flunked history: the two men had a falling out and Roosevelt wound up challenging Taft in the 1912 race.
A SCHOOL is launching a series of appeals after almost an entire class flunked their Philosophy Higher.
Three govs flunked outright (California's Gray Davis, Iowa's Tom Vilsack, and Oregon's John Kitzhaber).
In LincolnSudbury, for instance, where houses run $900,000 to $1 million, fully one-quarter of the 10th graders taking the test flunked the math portion.
In her younger days, Annette nearly flunked out of drama class at school for being lazy.
Mr Peter Dunn, a Warwick University spokesman, said: "I can only think the person who calculated these figures flunked their own maths course.
One, Indian Point 3 on the Hudson River 35 miles north of New York City, has been closed since February 1993, after investigators found that workers had falsified log data, flunked drug tests, and failed to report operating problems on time.
After the first test, Jaffe announced that he had given four A's, two B's and three C's -- and flunked the rest of the class.
As many as 16 of the 42 candidates flunked the examination held recently.
The street became the domineering educa-tor and if in the past students calculated F grades and flunked classes, today they calculate broken teeth and knife stabs.
12 (ANI): As many as 103 Indian sportspersons, including juniors, have flunked dope-related tests in the last eight months, a sports ministry official said on Saturday.