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The Ducks were 6-1 on the road before flunking out in Games 1 and 2.
Elder son Asher (Cameron Douglas, Michael's son) is a lovable slacker who is flunking college and dealing pot.
Before, I didn't even think about my grades and that they mattered,'' said Granados, who was flunking two classes, but raised her marks to a passing grade with the mentor's help.
She follows that up by making her little brother's birthday party a memorable disaster, then by hatching a plot that might prevent her pal from flunking his Spanish test.
Before she sparked a class-action lawsuit that led to sweeping reforms in education, Chanda Smith was a struggling teenager repeatedly denied admission to special education classes despite flunking 10th grade twice.
The report also said three players were allowed to play despite flunking drug tests.
She added that the increases in scores are testament to the positive effects of programs the district has put in place, including mandatory attendance at intercession classes for second- through fifth-graders and eighth-graders who are in danger of flunking.
The district bought the former Payless store at 47th Street East and Avenue S last June, and officials plan to operate it as the Pueblo Learning Center, a school for students in fifth through eighth grade who perform poorly on standard state exams or are otherwise in danger of flunking.
The policy of mandating that students pass remedial courses in their freshman year or risk flunking out after three tries irked several CSUN students last spring as they or their friends discovered they would not be able to return as sophomores.
Sixteen-year-old Jimmy came to Hillside Academy about a year ago after flunking out his freshman year of high school.
ALSO: European 200-meter track champion Doug Walker of Scotland was suspended for flunking a steroid test.