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Third-party reimbursement and use of fluoride varnish in adults among general dentists in Washington State.
Kane said the Wrigley grant was crucial to the success of the program, helping them acquire disposable supplies such as sealant materials, toothbrushes, fluoride varnish and dental curing lights.
Conclusion: SDF solution, sodium fluoride varnish and chlorhexidine varnish were more effective in preventing new root caries than giving OHI alone.
Furthermore, in many states physicians or their staff can be trained to administer and receive reimbursement for early interventions such as fluoride varnish on deciduous teeth, (23) and can write prescriptions for dietary fluoride supplements for children living in areas not served by fluoridated municipal water systems.
The data also revealed a 20% rise in a year in fluoride varnish treatments for children.
They recommend the use of fluoride varnish as well.
A dentist can apply fluoride varnish on the tooth then the process is reversed as if nothing ever happened.
Supervised brushing and fluoride varnish programmes have already contributed to a 12% reduction in decay among children under five since 2008, according to research by Cardiff University.
Aside from fluoride varnish applications given at the doctor's office from 6 months to 5 years of age, doctors and dentists recommend children's teeth be cleaned with a smear of toothpaste up to age 3.
The researchers said that application of high concentration fluoride varnish by dentists to the sites of early decay, attention to home tooth brushing skills, restriction of between-meal snacks and beverages containing added sugar, and risk-specific monitoring can help prevent tooth decay.
WASHINGTON--With fluoride varnish treatments now on the Bright Futures periodicity schedule, reimbursement is attainable, and pediatricians can focus on integrating the 45- to 60-second procedure into their practices and strengthening their oral health messaging to families.