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Iohexol (20 mL/kg) was administered by crop gavage 15 minutes after induction of sedation, and fluoroscopic images were obtained at different time points.
The readers evaluating the CTMs also reviewed all respective saved fluoroscopic images for evidence of a hyperdense paraspinal vein.
Caption: FIGURE 2: Lateral fluoroscopic image of bilateral dorsal root ganglion stimulation leads on the L1 level.
The DR 800 deploys MUSICA high-speed, multi-scale image processing, to process fluoroscopic images with the same high quality and low dose features that have made MUSICA essential to radiology departments around the world.
Cinquin, "Automated 3dimensional computed tomographic and fluoroscopic image registration," Computer Aided Surgery, vol.
Procedure was started using aseptic technique; cervix was held with forceps and catheter was easily introduced and its placement inside the uterine cavity was confirmed by fluoroscopic image.
The bone model was projected onto the distortion-corrected fluoroscopic image, and its three dimensional pose was iteratively adjusted to match its silhouette with the silhouette of the bones on the fluoroscopic images with the custom Joint Track program (source track).
A fluoroscopic image may also be obtained to confirm the cause of urinary incontinence during the filling CMG.
When applying X-ray standards, designers also can specify the technique used (the specific technical settings for the radiographic or fluoroscopic image) to ensure both coverage and image quality.
The operator sees a real-time fluoroscopic image on the monitor, and continues to scan the parcel millimeter by millimeter using a joystick.
Using a pulsed beam instead of continuous beam fluoroscopy can reduce patient dose in half without causing any significant visual change in the fluoroscopic image. (1,9)
Ideal for minimally invasive spinal and orthopedic procedures, FluoroTrak enables automatic registration of the fluoroscopic image to the patient's anatomy.