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The Chilly Dogs Blue Flurries Sweater is a beautifully crafted sweater that is hand-knit with 100% wool and made with all-natural dyes that come from plants, not chemicals.
The weather announcer interrupted the program to say that a winter storm was headed through, and we had a 20 percent chance of flurries. Upon arriving at work, my employer stopped all of us employees and said we were shutting down for the day.
But she loved all the singing, dancing, impressive costumes and sets and thought that the flurries of snow which fell onto the stage were magical.
Five centimetres (2 inches) fell in the Merseyside area late on Thursday with more flurries yesterday.
Flurries of snow across the North-East yesterday heralded the onset of a big chill, weather-watchers warned last night - and the region braced itself for a deep-frozen New Year.
Oregon residents received the first taste of wintry weather Sunday as a storm dumped the first significant snowfall of the year in the Cascades and doused the Willamette Valley with frigid rain and even snow flurries. Cities as far south as Salem saw snow in the air, though nothing more than a trace of the white stuff was recorded.