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I headed back to the daycare to get the children, and we went home to see what this chance of flurries would bring.
But she loved all the singing, dancing, impressive costumes and sets and thought that the flurries of snow which fell onto the stage were magical.
Although not entirely unexpected, the thunderstorm packed more punch than forecasters anticipated as a low-pressure system coupled with the cold air above it quickly built momentum, resulting in snow flurries at elevations as low as 1,000 feet, said National Weather Service meteorologist Gale Harris.
Flurries of snow across the North-East yesterday heralded the onset of a big chill, weather-watchers warned last night - and the region braced itself for a deep-frozen New Year.
The main flurries are expected this evening as cold wind pushes rain, sleet and snow up from the South-west with temperatures set to dip from 5C (41F) to freezing overnight.