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As upland flushers, they are slow, steady and tireless.
Then the street flusher began to speak slowly: - Well, no, comrade, really .
67 percent use a paper towel so they don't have to touch the door handle, toilet flusher or faucet handle.
Having already disposed of the dead fish to the great flusher in the sky, I couldn't do this.
If the existing pension benefit had been abysmally low that increase, in flusher times, might be justified.
In flusher times, Halstead's Ramirez said, the deals came in so fast that brokerages often didn't have time or motivation to innovate, or look for ways to streamline the business model.
Now that's a concept that I (and I suspect a very large proportion of the population of Britain) have a bit of a problem with - although the idea of a remote control flusher like the one wielded by the firm's senior partner I find very attractive: just t hink of the mischievous games you could play.
I walked to him, stroked his shoulder, and told him he was a hell of turkey flusher.
A PENSIONER collapsed with a stroke 48 hours after a plumber charged him pounds 330 for changing the flusher mechanism in his toilet.
LV-2350 is 100% non-volatile flushing vehicle with low polarity that utilizes resin of moderate molecular weight to assure good pigment wetting and allow for clean "water breaks" in the flusher.