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Now, I can't say I'm altogether one to get too flustered, but when I look at that watch and that heart is glowing red, I feel compelled to do something about it.
Richard Aston, owner of Goldford Stud, said: "Mary Black was an amazing mare and wasn't flustered by anything.
The slightest thing sets me off and I get flustered.
You can get flustered after a couple of tough losses like this.
Chris Abani follows up his 2004 award-winning novel GraceLand with this novella about a flustered teenage girl, Abigail, whose mother died giving birth to her.
While in Mexico City to fulfill a contract, he meets--and seems to make a pass at--a flustered businessman (Greg Kinnear).
Flight of the Stork is very highly recommended reading, especially for parents who find themselves flustered explaining the birds and the bees.
Flustered, Holloway turned and scurried from the bank.
Flustered hosts Ant and Dec immediately apologised to viewers.
Hardy, noticeably flustered, said, "We do a lot of educating of our clients.