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New Delhi [India], Jan 22 ( ANI ): Fluttering of your heart is not always the sign of love, nor is skipping of a beat.
Branches hang low with the weight of the snow It's hard to think that the grass will still grow Suddenly the illuminated sign of the bus appears Trundling slowly down the road to the passengers' cheers The passenger in front pays with a PS20 note The driver digs patiently for change in his float I show my pass and quickly grab a seat Clap my hands with joy, sharing the heat The snow alights on the ground Fluttering in the trees and all around by Hugh Davies, Accrington
Where once I would fill the feeders twice a week now it is every day, and at any time the fluttering and chirping is a welcome backdrop to the road noise that constantly filters through.
Just imagine my joy when I recently visited Saltburn and saw that not only had the missing flagpole been re-erected but the Union Jack was indeed fluttering in the breeze upon it.
Male hummingbirds only produce fluttering sounds during their elaborate courtship rituals.
Fluttering together, each row starts to look like a comic strip transformed into a rudimentary film, where the frames are connected by the viewer's associations.
They were sure fluttering in mine as I heard the words "National Commander Judy Steinhouse" being spoken.
It can use either of two wavelengths--830 nanometers (near-IR) or 1300 nm (between NIR and IR)--to take up to 4000 measurements a second Rapid refocusing gives it a working range of 2 to 22 mm, allowing it to measure even a rapidly fluttering bubble, Isis says.
For the last two weeks of February, 23 of the 58 miles of pathways through the 840-acre park were spanned by fluttering panels of rip-stop nylon, supported from 7532 tall vinyl frames in the same marigold hue.
PATRICIA McLeod found what had made the fluttering noise in her head - when a two-inch moth was removed from her ear.