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The baby doll look requires fluttering eyelashes to complete it.
Downton star makes waves THERE were plenty of fluttering eyelashes at a "Christmas drinks" party hosted by John Gosden and his wife Rachel Hood at their home in Newmarket when the ladies in attendance realised that actor Dan Stevens was among the throng.
A Women love the feminine feeling that comes with long, fluttering eyelashes and eyelash implants are an emerging trend that we are seeing a real rise in enquiries for.
With your fluttering eyelashes, sunny smile and gentle purr, you could get anyone to play along with you right now.
It does help to actually realise that however stunning the person who is, you know, fluttering eyelashes at you is, she doesn't do anything to match up to your wife," Colin said of Italian Livia, who is the mother of his two youngest sons.
In every movie you see a similar look for women and girls: thin waists, large chests, and big, fluttering eyelashes.
Here was someone who used her education, knowledge and experience as her currency rather than fluttering eyelashes, winks or cutesie colloquialisms, choreographed to appeal to the chattering masses.
FULLER NOT FALSIES: No leading lady would step out on to the red carpet without thick, fluttering eyelashes.