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Maybe it's the pinafore silhouette or the fluttery neckline, but it looks like she was just frolicking in the Italian countryside.
IN FINE FEATHER NOW we're not suggesting all-over plumes (that would be a bit too Swan Lake, even for Christmas), but a touch of fluttery detailing on a neck or hemline makes a beautiful addition to an LBD.
The new study shows that mice handle an itch caused by a fluttery touch differently than other kinds of itch.
The Max The professional's choice, these MAC lashes are extra-long and fluttery, and come in a handy perspex case to store between uses.
There are not many surprises in this story, but girls will feel all fluttery inside when the bad boy, with a heart of gold, does his best to make Ivy's dreams come true.
The ageless actor debuted his long hair back in 2012 and just as he had done previously with long, fluttery eyelashes and killer cheekbones, showed us anything we women can do, he can do prettier.
Lilja prepares to release his new album on Fluttery Records and celebrate the album with a tour.
And children love nothing better than to get up close and personal to all things furry, feathery and fluttery so February half term gives you and your family the ideal opportunity to discover nature and visit some of the amazing animal attractions in the area.
The birds would begin fluttery conversations, bursting into songlike passages of intense harmony that rose and fell in the highest of pitches.
It's one of life's little pleasures, lying in the tub, knowing those fluttery bubbles will work wonders for melting away the week's stresses.
It is not my long fluttery eyelashes that give rise to the nickname Bambi.
The cap sleeves, lace-front bodice and full fluttery skirt all evoke the delicate and innocent girl who quickly falls in love only to have her heart tragically broken.