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Diaphanosoma fluviatile is a species formerly known from Central and South America (Paggi, 1978; Korovchinsky, 1992).
Fourteen in situ archaeological sites were excavated between 1980 and 1990 from the fine-grained Unit IV fluviatile sediments in the Belvedere district of Maastricht in the Netherlands, which can be compared within an overall landscape as they all correspond to a close period of time.
L'age du gi'te de la colline Vinegar, qui semble d'origine fluviatile, n'avait pas ete confirme avant la presente etude.
Genese d'une terrasse fluviatile holocene et son importance pour la mise en valeur de la vallee.
The fluviatile Englands Lake Member consists of fine- to coarse-grained sandstone and polymictic conglomerate, and maroon to green-grey s iltstone.
1 the rapid growth of the deposit with a consequent dilution of pollen concentrations; this has been confirmed by Butzer (1976) who reported that fluviatile sedimentation rates were high and consequently marine transgressions never invaded the Delta south of the 2-m contour line.
Le peuplement pre- et protohistorique du systeme fluviatile fossile du Jawf-Hadramawt au Yemen, Paleorient 18(2): 5-29.
The basal 2 m of the sediments cored, well-rounded gravels of fluviatile origin, are palynologically barren.
For the most part, the sandstone depositional environments range from being open marine through deltaic to fluviatile.
Krantz, Bonn, Germany), and two types of amorphous silica: silica gel (Merck, Kenilworth, NJ, USA) and bio-opal (amorphous silica of biogenic origin) obtained from Equisetum fluviatile (water horsetail) following the procedure of Bartoli and Wilding (1980).
The Pleistocene and Recent subdivided into different formations, these are fluviatile and alluvial deposits covering most of the study area in the form of gravel, coarse sand, and loamy materials.
1959, Experimental abrasion: 3, Fluviatile action on sand: American Journal of Science, v.