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The fluviatile environments of deposition of sediments are indicated by the sediments which are composed of large amount of clay and silt, commonly carried by rivers and showing the positive values of skewness.
Ultrastructural investigations on sporogenesis in Equisetum fluviatile.
fluviatile, showing the highest transpiration rates (Dosdall, 1919).
Cumulative thickness of the sedimentary rocks is over 3,600 meters, and rocks consist of a thick basal continental sequence overlaid by transitional beds followed by a thick succession of Quaternary limnic, fluviatile and eolian sands and clays.
Fluviatile marine Eocene Mixture of sand, clay and silt, fluviatile marine.
Hominid taphonomy: Transport of human skeletal parts in an artificial fluviatile environment.
The sediments of the river Plate coastal plain were deposited by marine-estuarine and fluviatile processes and produced small accumulation landforms from the Holocene transgressive-regressive cycle (Martínez et al.
ABSTRACT--We report the cladoceran Diaphanosoma fluviatile Hansen 1899 in Lake Waco and Lake Mexia, two reservoirs located in central Texas.
Four contributions from other authors are included, including Lisa Wells' geoarchaeological survey documenting especially the complex fluviatile regimes, an analysis of the copper objects by Vincent Piggott, touching on the variety and sophistication of metal-working techniques at the site, and an appraisal of the off-site work in the site's vicinity from Tony Wilkinson, which suggests modest suburban occupations only in Parthian and early Islamic times.
In purely paleontologic studies the cave faunas are of unusual importance, representing as they do an aspect or zone of [amphibian, reptilian, and] mammalian life not preserved in the more common lacustrine, fluviatile and alluvial accumulations" (Stock 1918:462).
Emission and oxidation of methane in Equisetum fluviatile stands growing on organic sediment and sand bottoms.
Michael Riffaterre, in his book Fictional Truth, identifies him (quite wrongly) with Virgil, on the basis of the Latin-derived adjective fluviatile, which occurs in the passage.