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Thirty-three boards were soldered with the three wave flux varieties, with 15 used for defining inline process parameters, 12 used for ion chromatography analysis, and six used for SEC analysis.
The electric mopeds sold by Flux are expected to be a great addition to the vibrant Williamson Street neighborhood.
Nitrogen may be helpful to support flux activity during the separation of the board from the solder wave.
Among the different configurations of axial flux motors, double-sides configuration, has the best and the most application.
This moderator has the highest cold flux of the SNS moderators.
The temperature coefficient of expansion of the slag is vastly different from that of the base material because the slag materials are very light weight, being oxidized flux materials that have floated from within the weld pool to the top weld pool during cooling.
From 24 August 2009, FLUX service became available at the following airports: San Francisco International Airport, California; Boston Logan International Airport, Massachusetts; Honolulu International Airport, Hawaii; Las Vegas/McCarran International Airport, Nevada; Orlando International Airport, Florida; Sanford International Airport, Florida; Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Washington; Philadelphia international Airport, Pennsylvania; San Juan Munoz International Airport, Puerto Rico; Ft Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, Florida; Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey; Dallas-Ft Worth International Airport, Texas and Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Michigan.
The proposed method, along with its simplicity compared to classical DTC, has an improved performance in terms of torque and flux ripple and also stator current distortion.
About the only thing approaching Flux magazine on campus, most staffers agree, is KD Magazine, a student-run publication previously known as Korean Ducks.
Disadvantage of the graphite electrode concerning flux melting is possibility of contamination of the latter by carbon, and of water-cooled electrodes--a relatively high cost of their manufacturing.