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If the trials are positive, Flux is to be rolled out to the five million customers using the Barclays Mobile Banking App.
In a rework or point-to-point selective soldering application, however, the localized heat source may be insufficient to decompose the flux activators, and they will remain active, posing a reliability risk.
In addition, the effect of the flux on the liquid metal will depend on the chemistry of the flux used, morphology of the flux, total amount of flux added, molten metal temperature, flux contact time, rabbling (stirring) technique, etc.
In the heat budget flux equation, the first part is the extent of the radiant flux, and the water is uptaken in the desired place.
The range includes non-corrosive rosin flux, no-clean flux (non-corrosive and halide free), also lead-free flux and water soluble flux in convenient pen formats.
Dutt is Flux Power's CEO and acting chief financial officer.
The melting behaviour of FLUX B is almost equal to FLUX A as can be seen in Figure l.
In this study, the axial flux permanent magnet motor and the length range of the air gap between rotors was analyzed and the appropriate length obtained.
In flux-metal reactions, a slag is the product formed after the reaction of a fused liquid flux with molten weld metal.
Time over preheat too long, causing the flux to burn off.
From August 24, 2009, the number of airports in the United States at which automated border passage is available to FLUX participants increased from seven to 20.