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Studies have shown that partially cleaned, no-clean fluxes have a lower resistivity value than fluxes left unaltered.
Prior to executing Phase 1 of the DoE, an aqueous cleaning agent was selected on the basis of its ability to solubilize the selected pastes and fluxes, as well as its compatibility with the application cleaning equipment.
Figure-1 is obtained by drawing the diagram for fluxes (short-wave radiation, long-wave radiation, sensible heat and vaporization latent heat) based on the months in 2005.
The new synthetic Calcium-Magnesium Aluminate, FLUX B and FLUX C, contain MgO in microcrystalline phases and can be added to the slag in form of dust free aggregates in the same way as classical Calcium-Aluminate Fluxes, FLUX A.
After sieving, fluxes were kept in air-tight bags and baked again at 300[degrees]C before welding.
Fluxes and their slag provide a blanket to protect the weld metal from the action of extraneous gases.
In electroslag welding and melting of titanium and titanium-base alloys oxygen-free halogenide fluxes (slag) [1-4] are used, basis of which constitutes Ca[F.
Impressive savings can be made when compared to conventional basic fluxes.
For electroplated or evaporated solder bumps on wafer, the bumps need to be fused with spin-coated fluxes to eliminate the porosity of the bumps or round up the bumps.
4 MW, the time averaged fluxes and fluences of the SNS will approach those of high flux reactors.