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Even fluxes that are considered "safe" individually can cause reliability problems if they are used in the wrong combinations.
One drawback to the reduced tendency for evaporation for water-based fluxes is the increased likelihood that condensed water may build up in the wave-solder equipment.
In general, fluxes can be grouped into two classes: gaseous and solids, Gaseous fluxes are a blend of an inert and a chemically active gas that is injected into the molten bath.
While the high-residue rosin VOC fluxes performed well, customer acceptance would be low because of cosmetic concerns and in-circuit test pin probability issues.
The fluxes melt at a lower temperature than the aluminum and will react directly with the crucible wall;
To establish the source of the corrosion, technical data sheets and materials safety data sheets (MSDS) can be used to help evaluate the chemistries of the approved fluxes.
Residual contamination of the fluxes left from soldering can cause corrosion and leakage currents, which will manifest after exposure to high humidity testing.
Most aluminum fluxes contain alkaline salts (chlorides and fluorides).
Preheat serves two main functions: thermally conditioning assemblies to mitigate the risk of shock on contact with the molten alloy, and activating fluxes to prepare board surfaces and components for soldering.
The in situ reaction of a chemical or a chemical mixture with a molten aluminum alloy has proven more efficient than rabbling or plunging fluxes through the surface of the melt.
These include items such as scrap, pig iron, refractories, fluxes and alloys.