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After tapping steel into the ladle and having added traditional fluxing materials to it the initial slag composition at the beginning of the ladle treatment contains often between 3 and 7% MgO.
In summary, good, consistent barrel filling and top-side fillet form when selective soldering thick, heavy boards is aided by top-side preheating in combination with drop jet fluxing.
Both the furnace and the flux box can be controlled with the same control device, resulting in cost savings and an overall reduction in emissions compared to in-furnace fluxing.
If there are openings between the crucible and the furnace cover, during the fluxing process, molten aluminum may over flow and run down the outside walls of the crucible (inside the furnace chamber) and encourage flux attack.
If a water-based flux is permitted to freeze, the fluxing agent may precipitate out of the solution, resulting in a material not homogeneous when introduced to the process.
Aluminum casting facilities use a number of commercially accepted melt treatment techniques, such as fluxing, degassing and filtration, to remove and separate inclusions from the molten aluminum alloy prior to casting.
Conveyor speed, conveyor angle, contact length, fluxing, preheating, solder temperature, solder alloy, exhaust and nitrogen use are machine-related aspects.
After fluxing, the test paper is removed and the user is able to analyze the topside board penetration and uniformity.
Manual fluxing with solid flux chemical compounds has its merits, but environmental and personal health concerns have greatly impacted flux usage and practice, and flux injection processes are now more commonly utilized.