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This March, an unlikely pairing of works by the late, Lithuanian-born Fluxus artist George Maciunas (works selected by Mari Dumett) and Georgian, Berlin-based artist Thea Djordjadze (curated by Mel Trad) produced some unexpected revelations, and even a few formal parallels that encouraged us to read process-based narratives into Djordjadze's often opaque installations, while synthesizing the odds and ends associated with Maciunas's projects to be seen as more than just ephemera.
In the gap between the thing as such and the thing as type, between the specific and the general, Armleder's work finds room to move, instigating the singular mode of participation that he has been developing since his early engagements with Fluxus.
How to present Fluxus in a museum context has always been a problem.
Bircken plays with illusion and estrangement in the manner of Claes Oldenburg, while some of her works could be leftovers from a Fluxus event.
Catherine Wood has written about this relationship explicitly as the crux of Morris's practice at this point in her book Yvonne Rawer: The Mind Is a Muscle (Afterall, 2007) and also in the essay "The Rules of Engagement: Robert Morris's Sculpture" (2004, publication pending in The "Do-It-Yourself" Artwork: Participation from Fluxus to New Media, ed.
Maciunas, a Lithuanian-born American performance artist, was a founding member of the avant-garde artist network Fluxus.
Pafos 2017, the organisation in charge of the events being run as part of Paphos being proclaimed the European Capital of Culture for the year 2017, together with exArtis, a cultural movement made up of people wanting to further cultural events in Cyprus, are organising a lecture tomorrow all about the German art movement Fluxus.
It references expressionism, impressionism, dadaism and fluxus, with well-known examples including the title sequences from Psycho, Gone with the Wind, Se7en and Star Wars and music videos including Muse, Kanye West and Justice.
In the show's other production, expanding on her performance-based work Piano Destructions, 2014, Buttner continues to explore classical instruments as engaged by Fluxus artists, who were nearly infatuated with detourning the device while freeing the player of evaluation.
About Franklin Flea Shop for the funky and unusual this holiday season at Franklin Flea, produced by Fluxus, LLC.
19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- FLUXUS: Russian Atlases, a singular exhibition that will bring FLUXUS works held by the Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center in Vilnius, Lithuania to Russia for the first time will open at the State Hermitage Museum in St.
What of the reader who discovered Fluxus here, Calvino here, Cortazar's Hopscotch here, and had their brain dismantled and then reassembled?