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These are the opposite symptoms of atropine poisoning, and fly agaric is used as an antidote to atropine overdoses.
Do experiences with the fly agaric mushroom lie behind the legend of Santa Claus and his flying reindeer?
It is one thing to follow a dark and mazy corridor into a white room where rotating fly agaric mushrooms dangle from the ceiling; it is another to enter the space with a gruff guard staring you down.
(Fausse oronge is another name of the fly agaric.) It was the mushroom most prized by the Romans and therefore reserved to Cesars and Princes only.
f FATHER CHRISTMAS - The idea of Father Christmas has its roots in the visions of tribal shamen in Lapland, who had eaten a hallucinogenic red-and-white mushroom called fly agaric. These visions developed into Father Christmas dressed in the vivid colours of the magic mushroom.
Familiar taxa in our data set include the cultivated button mushroom Agaricus bisporus and the mycorrhizal "fly agaric" Amanita muscaria.
The smell of roasted chili; descending into the epilimnion; the shape of a datura leaf; a bank robber superglued his fingertips; in the lake, ocean-seal absorption; a moray snaps up a scorpion fish; he had to mistake and mistake; burned popcorn; he lifted the fly agaric off of blue paper and saw a white galaxy; sitting in a cold sweat; a child drinking Coke out of a formula bottle has all her teeth capped in gold; chrysanthemum-shaped fireworks exploding over the water; red piki passed down a ladder; laughter; as a lobster mold transforms a russula into a delicacy; replicating an Anasazi yucca fiber and turkey feather blanket.
Yr un madarch dynnodd fy sylw i'n fwy na dim oedd amanita'r gwybed (Amanita muscaria; fly agaric) ac roedd 'na nifer ohonyn nhw yn y goedwig.
The mushroom, called a fly agaric, was mentioned in a guide about a country walk with park rangers on Sunday, October 30, at the Clock Face Country Park in St Helens.
Yogi, my terrier, and I spent last Sunday morning wandering through some beautiful woods hunting for mushrooms and I was rewarded by a nice haul of porcinis which I only spotted thanks to the numerous Fly Agaric indicators.
Fly Agaric, by Richard Dixon Beech Walk, by Adrian Bell, is one of the images in the In our View exhibition, at Tatton Hall