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Available in children's small through extra-large and in adult small through extra large, the children's extra-large and the adult sizes also feature a Velcro[R] fly front closure.
Until they do, however, I guess my consolation will have to be the image of thousands of once-proud men, having long scorned women's insecurities, lining up for their laser peels and trying to squeeze their middle-aged asses into a snug set of Super Shaper Briefs -- with the optional fly front endowment pad, naturally.
Cocoa, for instance, senses that the man she follows in New York, "a really distinguished-looking guy with a tweed jacket and gray sideburns" who "had diaper pins holding his fly front together--you know, the kind they used to have with pink rabbit heads on them" (18), is somehow representative of what she dislikes about urban, Northern men.
And to help toddlers feel like "big kids," Pull-Ups training pants will feature enhanced gender-specific graphics, such as ruffles on the girls and a fly front on the boys, and more age-appropriate character illustrations.