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Five-button, "fly front cuff," single-breasted super 120 wool and cashmere striped men's suit by Dion Scott, Beverly Hills.
Available in children's small through extra-large and in adult small through extra large, the children's extra-large and the adult sizes also feature a Velcro[R] fly front closure.
Bra burning was a nice gesture, but the greater justice is in convincing our male counterparts that the key to their happiness lies in a pair of made-for-him Super Shaper Briefs with the optional "fly front endowment pad" (as advertised in Men's Journal, $29.95 plus shipping and handling).
Cocoa, for instance, senses that the man she follows in New York, "a really distinguished-looking guy with a tweed jacket and gray sideburns" who "had diaper pins holding his fly front together--you know, the kind they used to have with pink rabbit heads on them" (18), is somehow representative of what she dislikes about urban, Northern men.