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Anyone can memorize tower light signals and NORDO rules but those only help a pilot with a flyable airplane and a sound game plan.
If an aircrew makes errors in evaluating an engine failure, they can lose a perfectly flyable aircraft.
A conservative crew decides that an aircraft isn't airworthy; another crew decides it is perfectly flyable.
He's flown everything that's flyable,'' said his father, himself a former Air Force pilot.
BAE SYSTEMS will design, build and deliver four flyable payloads that provide the warfighter with communications relay and bridging, signals intelligence and electronic attack.
In Prowlers, with some squadrons having only one flyable jet for long periods, formation basics can become fuzzy.
5 million jet, the planes are delivered as empty but flyable shells with the buyer given a choice of completion centers where the customized cabin and cockpit interiors are installed.
Paul Bikle, the director of Dryden at the time, agreed to give the design a try, but decided not to inform NASA headquarters they were building a flyable aircraft.
The museum with the world's largest collection of rare World War II aircraft will have the only flyable Bell Airacomet P-59 in their collection thanks to a donation from ITT Industries, Cannon.
Turf rakers that are used to seed golf courses produce about one pound of flyable particles a day.
11 flyable ships include five each for Bora and Galspan, plus
AV-1 made its maiden flight on July 17, 1989, was last flown in February 1993 and has been in flyable storage at Air Force Plant 42 since then.