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A week later, Mick smartened himself up, bought flowers and wine, and went to the scrapyard, determined to win the mysterious Rosaleen over - and found that the flying saucer had gone - and so had Delilah.
FULL-SCALE FALCON Word started to spread in the winter of 1979 that a flying saucer was being built in an old giant aircraft hangar at Pembroke Dock.
These are, I'm sure, the three reasons why we have not yet been visited by a flying saucer, nor will we be.
Guilloteau's team carried out the first ever direct measurements of the relatively large grains of dust in the Flying Saucer - measuring approximately one millimeter across - located around 15 billion kilometers from the star and found that they had settled to a low temperature of -447 degrees Fahrenheit (-266 degrees Celsius) - only 7 degrees above absolute zero and 15 degrees lower than what was expected, a huge discrepancy in the field of planetary formation models.
Carvel Corporation, a US-based ice cream manufacturing and franchise company, has announced the launch of new Lil' Flying Saucers with a free giveaway event on September 22, 2011.
The note, written by Guy Hottel - special agent in charge of the Washington field office in 1950 - claimed: "Three socalled flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico.
The photo distributed by the Fars news agency showed what appeared to be a flying saucer straight out of a Hollywood scifi movie of a half-century ago.
I've also been told that Jesus lives on Venus and pilots a flying saucer and that the X Files is fact, not fiction.
Its recyclable packaging takes the form of rockets and flying saucers to give your makeup bag an injection of fun.
Betty said: "Today's sightings of flying saucers or UFOs or whatever you might like to call them are similar to thousands of other sightings throughout history.
Despite the occasional flying saucer and demon billionaire, the only real unreality of Locas is that AIDS is barely mentioned.
The gentle geometric undulation of the dome (appropriately resembling a crash-landed flying saucer, but also alluding to the domed telescope housing and the infinite vault of the sky) is the only part of the building to rise above the existing line of the horizon, so the hotel seems barely there.