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flying visit British Airways'' first Dreamliner makes its inaugural visit to Newcastle - there maybe more in the future
Brad Pitt took his sons for a flying visit to New York to see his new 3D animation film Megamind, in which he voices superhero Metro Man.
Picture the scene: a shopkeeper in one of New Zealand's far flung territories, the Chatham Islands (population 750), received the first ever flying visit from a sales rep.
It can make or break a company, especially on a flying visit to New York City.
The flying visit in Whitchurch was part of her Engagement Roadshow, describing her role, which is visiting older peoples groups and organisations across Wales.
Mourinho made a flying visit to Old Trafford yesterday to run the rule over United - and says his Galacticos are all desperate to play at the Bernabeu on Wednesday.
1 Rory McIlroy had a flying visit from one of Chicago's locals, below.
BEATLES boy Julian Lennon made a flying visit to Liverpool to promote his new album Everything Changes after insisting the city be crammed in to his schedule.
A NUN who travels the world carrying a two foot statue of the Virgin Mary has made a flying visit to Coventry.
But after a hectic flying visit to the Black Country last week to drum up support for Pakistan's flood victims, there were good-natured grumbling of discontent among some female admirers.
Mr Brown made a flying visit to Afghanistan immediately after giving evidence last Friday to the Chilcot Inquiry into the war in Iraq, where he insisted he had always provided military commanders with the equipment they requested.
OWNER Mike Ashley paid a flying visit to Newcastle yesterday as the club confirmed talks with potential buyer Barry Moat are under way.