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According to Polanyi (1965), we are embedded in focal knowledge and subsidiary knowledge.
Retailing at about S$39,950 (RM126,333), the Focal Scala V2 is different from other models of the Focal Utopia III range for which the goal was to bring innovative improvements to the Scala's original bass woofer, cross-over circuitry and mid-range drivers by incorporating the same engineering brilliance of the Focal loudspeaker family.
Additionally, describing these focal areas from a structural or cover standpoint is different from one area to the next.
Official further said that focal persons would also play a role in ensuring coverage of refusal cases besides they would use teachers to motivate and persuade reluctant parents on immunization of their children with oral polio vaccine.
Section I: Is there a role for Focal Therapy in Localised Prostate Cancer?
The court said the previously used focal point test merged the "principal place of business" exception with the "meeting of clients" exception.
When GFOA determines that grassroots lobbying is necessary on a given issue, it communicates with the FOCAL Teams by mail, or if time is of the essence, by FAX message.
EDAP's unique and exclusive range of HIFU products, including Ablatherm Integrated Imaging and Focal.
The Tax Court first used the focal point test in 1980 in Baie.
Focal Point Architectural Products is a leading provider of distinguished polyurethane architectural mouldings and architectural elements.
Hobbs, president and chief executive officer of AngioDynamics, said, "We began working closely with Oncobionic in 2004 when we signed a distribution and option agreement for advancement of irreversible electroporation for focal cancer therapy.
April 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Focal Point Architectural Products, recognized throughout the design industry as a leader in polyurethane moulding innovation for more than 35 years, is reinventing crown moulding installation for do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike with the Quick Clips(TM) system.