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Five minutes later, a second, 3.1 magnitude earthquake, was recorded with the same epicentre and focal depth. No damage was recorded.
Zagros province experiences low to moderate earthquakes with high frequency, short repeat time and 10-20Km focal depth. The intensity of earthquakes is in middle levels in which there are several ductile rocks (thick evaporates) in sedimentary covers such as Hormuz, Dashtak, and Gachsaran formations.
Sirona Cerec AC Optical Parallel Wave front LED/Laser Technology Confocal/Tele Sampling Sampling centric Technology (3D in Motion) Powder No Yes Yes/opti spray Required Focal Depth 13.5 mm 1:1 exact Range from 5 to Range from 5 focus 15mm to 15mm Indications All Up to 4UB, and All singles Models Milled/ Additive/SLA in Additive/SLA; Polyurethane.
In order to have a general idea about the variation of hypocentral location histograms of the number of earthquakes versus hypocentral parameter (origin time epicenter focal depth) variation are given in Figure 5.
By accurately simulating the pathways of light in 3D space, users can see shadows, subtle lighting details and even the focal depth and exposure of the virtual camera itself.
To illustrate the axial intensity distribution and the associated focal depth, numerical calculations were performed.
An event of magnitude (Less than) 3.9 with focal depth of 10 km occurred in the BunhaKas area of Eastern Salt Range.
Link's pioneering use of multiple flashbulbs to create dramatic nighttime images of unusual clarity and focal depth remains remarkable today.
The quake happened at 1817GMT at a focal depth of 10km, the US Geological Survey reported.
This event had a magnitude of 5.3 and a focal depth of about 7 km.

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