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Piranshahr- Borojen province is struck by moderate to high earthquakes with low frequency, long repeat time and 10-15Km focal depth.
It captures 100,000 points of laser light and has perfect focus images of more than 300 focal depths.
2] is the required focal depth in the investigated specimen.
9 with focal depth of 10 km occurred in the BunhaKas area of Eastern Salt Range.
Link's pioneering use of multiple flashbulbs to create dramatic nighttime images of unusual clarity and focal depth remains remarkable today.
The quake happened at 1817GMT at a focal depth of 10km, the US Geological Survey reported.
The ProLite line of microscope inspection systems includes Stereo-Zoom microscopes that provide clear, crisp images, excellent focal depth and 3-dimensional viewing, mounted on proprietary stainless steel double glide arm with ball-bearings that make travel smooth for accurate positioning.
31% of the Z range) is already significant and demonstrates the importance of the station NKC in the focal depth estimation.
1 magnitude on the Richter scale with focal depth 10 Kilometres and epicenter was China's Sichuan area, jolted Islamabad and adjourning areas early Wednesday morning at 08:22am.

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