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(2) The PTC focal distance and the tracking error angle have negative correlations with the cavity open length, whereas the PTC concentration ratio has positive correlation with the cavity open length.
From (1), the focal distance f can be calculated by adjusting the thickness [d.sub.M] of the LHM lens and/or the distance [d.sub.1] of the source from the interface with the LHM lens.
In our case, for a focal distance equals to 350 mm, the focus width is equal to [d.sub.0] [approximately equal to] 68.7 mm.
In the case when the focal distance changes and the aperture is stable in the axis of the ultrasonic beam, the pressure module reaches the maximum in the focal area and the increased pressure zone remains in the whole focal zone length, decreasing almost in a straight direction in terms of increase in focal distance.
The focal distance of the concave lens was designed according to Eq.
Bidirectional Forwarding Detection or Back Focal Distance! What did you think?
However, the camera's minimum focal distance also must be considered.
Fitted with a lens at a focal distance that produces a field of view of 32 x 25.6 mm produces a pixel size of 25 [micro]m.
This focal distance tolerance also compensates for problems resulting from product vibrations and movements whilst on the conveyor and ensures consistently high quality, high-contrast marking, even where condensation is present on the bottles.
Fish size was measured both by using a pair of parallel laser beams, and an auto-focus video camera linked to software for estimating object size based on the focal distance of the object in focus.
A simple comparison of the number of cells visible in the field from the same specimen at the same focal distance consistently verified a 3% to 5% increase in that count compared before and after processing.
A motor-driven Z-axis allows automatic adjustment of the focal distance to accommodate different workpieces, and a motor-driven vertical-lift front door simplifies exchanging workpieces.

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