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The results of the focal distance calculated with measuring curvatures by Eq.
In addition, the depth of focus increases when the focal distance moves towards infinity.
The calculated values are 3 times higher than recorded ones for short focal distances (about 100 km) and 2 times greater for distances above 150 km.
Current display technologies cannot change focal distances of objects being shown.
The benefits expected from using HUDs derive from their two most salient features: the head-up location and a focal distance that is farther than the conventional instrument panel or dashboard.
Looking down at the keyboard and back to the screen helps, but for the most part your eyes are always in the same position and at the same focal distance.
The focal distance of the system allows contact-to-noncontact switching with standard 20 mm styli without moving the probe, thus avoiding the need to requalify.
In ProMetric G, the system senses the focal distance and aperture setting being used and automatically selects the correct calibration, which greatly simplifies measurement setup and improves accuracy.
Putting in the kind of motion sensors that are used in the iPhone also allows the glasses to sense when someone is reading a book or a newspaper and so change the focal distance of the lenses automatically.
Manually collected data of object distance and disparity allowed to calculate the focal distance of used lens, in pixels.
This first solution seems to be the easy way from the constructor's point of view but it has some drawbacks: due to the large area of the lens, the focal distance is also long, so the resulting height of the system will be large rendering it less desirable.
This distance becomes part of the lens' rear focal distance, the distance from the lens' primary plane to the focal plane.

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