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7,8) As shown in Figure 4, the glomerular capillary loops are thickened but show no evidence of crescents, focal necrosis, or endocapillary proliferation.
Focal necrosis and syncytial formation within lymph nodes were identified, together with glomerulitis and syncytial cell formation in the kidney.
Adrenal glands had hyperemia, hemorrhage, perivascular infiltrates of mononuclear cells, and focal necrosis.
Focal necrosis was present, and vascular invasion was not seen.
The prostatic carcinoma component showed frequent atypical mitoses, focal necrosis, and dystrophic calcification.
However, the concept of cardiac arrest caused by catecholamine myotoxicity associated with ventricular fibrillation is suggested by (1) the finding of contraction band necrosis or disseminated focal necrosis, as encountered in other cases,[10,15] and by (2) an experimental study in which AAS, administered in combination with exercise training, induced degenerative changes within the intracardiac sympathetic neurons of the mouse.