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Consequently these positions are named the focal planes, and reticles placed in the front focal-plane are often called FFP (for 1st or front), and those in the rear focal-plane RFP or SFP (for rear or 2nd focal-plane).
The reticle is located in the rear focal plane, so you need to crank the magnification to 5x to make use of its BDC capabilities.
An autofocusing method based on image processing is applicable for processing an image sequence, such as taking images of the target with multiple focal plane positions.
It is worth noting that a single prism could also compensate for the greater dispersion at lower elevations, provided it could be moved towards the objective thus increasing the distance from the prism to the focal plane.
The primary signal independent noise mechanisms in SWIR focal plane arrays are the shot noise generated by the dark current and the noise caused by the readout integrated circuit.
2) Located between the x-ray tube and the film, the 3-D focal plane is created by the motion of the film and the x-ray tube.
The system design incorporates a fifth-generation focal plane array seeker for robust guidance performance and infrared countermeasure resistance and jet vane control for agile turning.
The Thousand Oaks-based imaging and electronics developer, a privately held research spinoff of Rockwell International, will provide infrared focal plane arrays for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope.
The Jade infrared camera uses a 320 x 240-pixel sensitive microbolometer focal plane array sensor offering thermal sensitivity of less than 80 mk and a thermal response time of less than four milliseconds.
The Scanned Aperture Pol-Scope not only measures the microtubule orientation within the plane of focus, but it also measures the angle of inclination away from the focal plane.
Diffracted waves scattered by the atomic potential form diffraction spots on the back focal plane after being focused with the objective lens.
Jones is very much in command of her subject matter, controlling the placement and relationship of elements, if only through decisions about framing and focal plane.