focal point

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An external focal point is when the woman's focus turns away from herself to the external environment.
The focal point doesn't have to occupy the center of an image.
1) As a medium, its focal point is "to not have a focal point" or to produce a random focal point.
However, to receive the honorarium, BWDOs and police WCD officers need to submit a monthly accomplishment report to the barangay chair and the City Gender Equality Focal Point Officer, respectively.
Expert tip: Resist the temptation to centre your focal point - just off centre is more effective and plant a cluster of low mounding, spiky, ground huggers beneath with different textures and colours, too.
learn about focal points in a representational artwork.
When considering a focal point for a garden there is a tendency to think only of plants that rear their heads above their neighbours at the back of beds and borders, of hedges trimmed into interesting shapes, an ornamental tree perhaps, or a particular grouping of flowering plants or shrubs.
That means it isn't necessary to change any of the geometric components of the lens to change the location of the focal point.
David Armour, who runs Focal Point with fellow director Paul Maddison, said: "As a small business, we have found that marketing ourselves is the hardest part to get right.
Baseline focal point tenderness over subsequently treated fractures was present in 70% of the patients.
OSLO, May 7, 2009 (TUR) -- Turkish Parliament Speaker Koksal Toptan said on Thursday that Turkey had recently become a major focal point.
Focal Point is available on the Unity of Purpose web site and in this issue.