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One option available to cutting machine builders is to use a more capable cutting head with a motorised zoom collimator and variable beam expander, which enables the focal spot size to be modified.
Schematic indicating the effect on the focus of an x-ray tube as the focal spot size increases.
Caption: Figure 5: Two typical projection images for different focal spot.
For the co-/cross-polarized state, the focal length of these two focal spots along the horizontal orientation is identical (4.23 mm) in the x-o-z planes, the electric field amplitude reaches their maximum, respectively, and electric field intensity deviation ratio (EFIDR = [absolute value of [] - [E.sub.cross]]/[] + [E.sub.cross]]) is 0.02, which proves that the focusing property of these two focal spots is uniform.
Additionally, proper tapering of the amplitude of the excitation may be added to control the level of the secondary lobes around the focal spot region.
The multifocus excitation method forms multiple focal spots on a sample by using microlens array, and CARS signals generated at the focal spots are simultaneously observed with a two-dimensional image sensor.
The smaller focal spot diameter allows finer machining, improving the minimum machining diameter to 10 micrometer (micro: 10-6), compared to 50 micrometer with the conventional ABLASER (which uses a green laser).
Laser fluence used is 3.18 J/cm2 where the focal spot size on target surface is 100 um.
Tests were carried out based on our own accredited procedure, which verified device parameters including but not limited to high-voltage generator operation, exposure time consistency, X-ray focal spot size [7].
Knowing the focal spot size and position during the critical start-up phase of a manufacturing process is critical to providing consistent and quality parts.
The smaller focal spot of ProVecta HD allows for a greater contrast resolution, providing sharper edge definition and finer details of internal structures.
The high intensity of laser light electric field at the focal spot breaks down a small fraction of sample in the form of plasma plume.

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