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This study is consistent with these studies and demonstrates HFJV can be effective in reducing the total number of shocks and the total energy used during SWL with a newer lithotripter with a smaller focal zone.
The beginning of the focal zone (Fig 3) almost depends on focusing depth and aperture value in terms of a straight line, and at the same moment rises when these values also increase.
The reflector analysis software predicts the measured near-field focusing very well, ensuring that the focal zone is well defined.
2000, Refined localisations of the swarm earthquakes in the Novy Kostel focal zone and spatial distribution of the January 1997 swarm in Western Bohemia, Czech Republic, Studia Geophys.
2003, Space-time distribution of earthquake swarms in principal focal zone of the NW Bohemia/Vogtland seismoactive region: period 1985-2001.