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In this way, Flush's focalization undermines his power because Flush is depicted as more sensitive and alert than Mr Barrett.
The CITPs in Latin America make extensive mention and use of focalization as a process.
However, internal (sometimes multiple and changing) focalization prevails, which is especially emphasized by the element of wondering.
The employment of deictics which are clear markers of focalization makes the shift in internal focalization unmistakably clear: "this grossly inappropriate text ...
The term focalization was coined by Gerard Genette to more precisely account for the way "perspective" or "point of view" is typically introduced in narratives.
The impact of Wickham's intrusion is reflected in the transition out of focalization through Darcy to an unsettling narrative no-man's land.
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La mirada pedagogicafaces this challenge from Pedagogy, examining the role to play by the theory of education, the methodology and the focalizations, assuming the principle of Herbart of elaborating a "visual circle" from the pedagogical research, to attain the critical vision of the methods and of the acts in education.
By making the character narrator more reliable--through the elimination of complex intersections of character/narrator focalization and voice; the minimization of the narrator's disclosure functions (1) (that is, what he unintentionally reveals about himself); and the substitution of a more masculine discourse--Borges was able to fid the text of those details he found so cumbersome.
This characteristic temporal simultaneity and multiplicity of narrative focalization is also present in Jerusalem, Blake's final major work, and it reinforces the dialectical synthesis that this Perennial utopia posits.
* Focalization strategy: focalization by cost and by differentiation.
The main focus has been on focalization techniques, art of characterization, transitivity patterns, manifold narrative perspectives and marked stylistic idiosyncrasies resulting essentially as part of writer's particular mind style.