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Conversely, high serologic titers are not definite proof of persistent focalized infection, as illustrated in an outbreak in French Guiana, where exceptionally high serologic titers have been observed, but persistent focalized infections have rarely been diagnosed (10).
Focalization can take place at different levels and the focalized may or may not be perceptible.
* And second, we hope to identify a limited set of rules that help readers to decide whether a text is internally focalized or not.
According to Krejnovic (1958:43) the answers with a focalized transitive verb are prompted by the questions with the structure "What did A do?".
Is it only through focalized studies of R and X that canonical narratives about the period can be rethought?
Then the last one of the important theoretical issues is that "the focalized can be perceived either from without or from within." The first type does not, while "the second type reveals the 'inner life' of the focalized, (38) either by making him his own focalizer (interior monologues are the best example) or by granting an external focalizer (a narrator-focalizer) the privilege of penetrating the consciousness of the focalized." (39) The concern of the next section of my paper is the varieties of this in Sons and Lovers.
Thus, according to her, even though such works as Georg Buchner's Lenz (1836) and Hermann Broch's The Death of Virgil (1945) focus on historical characters, they cannot be regarded as referential; their use of focalized narration and free indirect speech are incompatible with the rules of referential discourse, and no competent reader could mistake a single one of their pages for being part of a "historical biography" (22).
Focalized semantic influence: A person's semantic field will affect the probability of events meaningful to that person.
We might wonder whether every sentence here is focalized through Burden-as-narrator in 1939 rather than Burden-as-aide in 1936.
Although the outbreak was focalized, it continued to spread despite intense ground-based mosquito elimination efforts.
There are also a habitual aspect and two kinds of progressive aspect: durative progressive and focalized progressive, which can in turn combine with other aspectual oppositions.
After the first section of each part, the reader is offered a series of internally focalized sections, separated by blank lines and initially set apart by the use of bold type in the first words of the new chapter.