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Micro Focus is excited about offering our first product targeted specifically to the ISV community," said Stuart McGill, vice president of worldwide marketing at Micro Focus.
Micro Focus is a leading provider of legacy development and deployment software for enterprise platforms.
Micro Focus Server for SOA allows for the deployment of core business applications created with Server Express as well as with the Net Express product line.
Organizations are no longer faced with the dilemma of having to throw away business critical assets in order to modernize these well proven systems," said Stuart McGill, vice president of worldwide marketing at Micro Focus.
Revolve Enterprise Edition is available to customers directly from Micro Focus as well as from a wide range of Micro Focus partners who utilize Revolve to accurately estimate the time and effort required for consulting and outsourcing projects.
Founded in 1976, Micro Focus is a global company with principal offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany and Japan.
Through Focus we will be gaining access to the ideas and expertise of a network of highly respected wealth management firms across the country which we believe will benefit our clients," said Martin Resnick, Partner and Managing Director of Resnick Investment Advisors.
Said James Boettcher, general partner of Focus Ventures, "We have a strong record of helping companies from the West secure Asia-based business alliances that can make them more efficient and ultimately more profitable.
The most recent work between the companies is the validation of Micro Focus Server with Oracle Real Application Clusters, an option of Oracle Database 10g Enterprise and Standard Editions.
Micro Focus and IAI successfully migrated more than 2500 components of the CICS/COBOL-based application to the Windows platform in less than six months, with minimal changes to the more than one million lines of COBOL source code.
To complete the migration of the CICS, JCL and COBOL code, the exchange is using Micro Focus Studio for application development and Micro Focus Server for deployment to the Windows environment.