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Increasing the amount of study incentives and streamlining the process of obtaining W-9 forms may also improve focus group participation.
The process of planning, organizing and conducting focus group discussions.
According to Krueger (1998) and Krueger & Casey (2000), the design of questionnaires for focus group interviews should comply with the following principles:
These preparations culminate in the students conducting 45-minute focus groups with undergraduates from other courses.
Similarly, a focus group can be used to support a causal link between property market valuations and perceptions of market participants.
A focus group is not a customer appreciation event; it's an honest request for input.
A behavior cited in the focus groups that surprised the researchers was inappropriate caregiving, mentioned in 6% of groups and by 3% of participants.
During the focus group, students discussed expectations and concerns regarding their upcoming service-learning project.
The focus group gives more control of the process to the participants, with interaction between interviewer and interviewee being replaced by interaction between participants.
Focus group results can supply clear guidance for improving government performance and how people rate government.
Although there has been an increase in the attention given to focus groups (beginning in the 1970s), focus group research is not a new research methodology.