focus of attention

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She was displaced from the focus of attention by the appearance of the two policemen who had been sent to the chalet.
Despite the extensive number of studies on the subject, those that have investigated the effects of external focus of attention on children are minimal.
In this within-participant design study, 12-year-old children performed better at a specific gymnastic skill consisting of a maximum vertical jump with a 180[degrees] turn while airborne, under an external focus relative to an internal focus of attention.
The more permanent effects (motor learning) of external focus of attention on form-based complex skills in children also remain to be explored.
The induction of an external focus of attention is considered to facilitate automaticity, as illustrated by greater movement fluidity, (18) increased functional variability, (19) high-frequency movement corrections reflecting greater involvement of reflexes, (20) and reduced attentional demands.
The present study was designed to investigate the effects of instructions promoting external versus internal focus of attention on the learning of a form-based skill, the pirouette en dehors (from fourth position) in 10-year old dance students.
12) Thus, instructions inducing an external focus of attention enhance the learning of form-based skills, such as the classical ballet pirouette en dehors.
The Effect of Manipulating A CRDI Dial of the Focus of Attention of Musicians/Nonmusisians and Perceived Aesthetic Response.
Differential Patterns of Music Listening: Focus of Attention of Musicians Versus Nonmusicians.