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A short 12 VDC cable as well as several adapters at left are included to adapt the camera to 2-inch focusers (bottom), T-threaded accessories (middle), and accessories with 54mm threads (top left).
The focuser is now in the hands of the YAS for assembly on their uprated flagship telescope.
This is more than enough room to fit even complex imaging setups that include, say, a flip mirror, off-axis guider, motorized focuser, filter wheel, and camera.
Once a project has been received, ACP orchestrates the activities of the many devices such as the CCD camera, the telescope focuser (to refocus periodically as the temperature changes throughout the night), and my dome's rotation.
Jerry's focuser is essentially a Crayford design, which means it doesn't utilize the usual rack-and-pinion mechanism found in many commercial units.
The distance from the back of the focuser to the focal plane is 185 mm.
TheSkyX Pro Camera Add On also enables you to perform automated focus with supported electric focusers, and can also control a host of additional ASCOM-compatible products.
The Binotron-27 fits in telescopes with 2-inch focusers, and incorporates the company's popular Power X Switch that allow users the versatility of three different magnifications with a single set of eyepieces, and an integrated optical corrector with 45-mm clear aperture.
The G3 body also has female T threads that accept an included 11/4-inch nosepiece for use with smaller focusers.