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Comitio mundiali gentium de iure, Nationibus Concordibus, spei novissimae atque optimae in saeclo in quo instrumenta sunt maiora belli quam pacis, instauramus foedus sublevandi, ut vetemus hoc forum invectionis fieri, ut scutum novorum parvorumque confirmemus atque regionem gratiae eius augeamus.
sovereign states formed by treaty or foedus and their institutional
Political covenants or federalism (from Latin foedus, meaning covenant) informed the civil order in various places under the influence of Reformed Christianity and were brought into New England and America through Puritan emigrants.
1966) 825] quia Foedus Vetus nunquam est retractatum.
Thomas Kratzert, "Eine Quelle zum Auftanken: Zehn dahre Arbeitsgemeinschafi Okumenische Forschung", in a publication by ERF participants Christoph Dahling-Sander and Thomas Kratzert, Leitfaden Okumenische Theologie, foedus, Wuppertal, 1998.
has acquired assets of privately held information technology services provider Foedus of Portsmouth, N.
We are happy to have someone of Scott's caliber as part of the Foedus team," said Michael Reilly, President and CEO of Foedus.
This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding expected performance of VMware following completion of the acquisition of THINSTALL and FOEDUS and timing of the completion of the THINSTALL acquisition, including statements related to the anticipated benefits of the acquisitions with respect to VMware's capabilities and ability to deliver cost-effective flexible processes and help customers achieve their objectives.
EqualLogic has taken the best elements of storage virtualization and removed the headaches, creating an intuitive, automated product that practically sells itself," said Michael Reilly, managing partner of Foedus, a leading national provider of consulting and integration services, specializing in virtual infrastructure technology solutions, including server and storage consolidation.
Earlier, as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Foedus Group from 2006 to 2008 when the company was acquired by VMware, Mr.
EqualLogic's integration with Microsoft's storage initiatives makes it much easier for us to implement SANs into our clients' Windows environments," said John Dodge, solutions architect at Foedus, a solution provider and EqualLogic partner.
Zilsel was seemingly unaware that modern editors of De rerum natura translate the term foedus, which in antiquity meant a legal contract, as "law" in the modern sense of "law of nature.