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The strategy that they devise to cope with prejudice allows them to establish what communication theorists Foeman and Nance call "a culture common to them," which helps to "ensure the survival of the relationship"(552).
Biancone's attorney Alan Foeman said: "It's obvious this case is being handled in a way to deliver a message.
The Gallant Irish yeoman Home from the war has come Each victory gained o'er foeman Why should our bards be dumb.
They have shared your nightly vigils, They have shared your daily toil; And their blood with yours commingling Has enriched the Southern soil, They have slept and marched and suffered Neath the same dark skies as you, They have met as fierce a foeman, And have been as brave and true.
Your foeman is more subtle, dangerous, deadly than Tippoo Sahib ever was.
The survey was created by the researcher and based upon a review of literature exploring a variety of personal and social issues confronting biracial individuals (Brandell, 1988; Brown, 1990; Buttery, 1987; Foeman & Nance, 1999; Gibbs & Moskowitz-Sweet, 1991; Hatcher, 1987; Kerwin & Ponterotto, 1995; McRoy & Freeman, 1986; Nakashima, 1992; Nishimura, 1995; Wardle, 1991, 1992; Winn & Priest, 1993).
I lost it to a soldier and a foeman, A chap who did not kill me--but he tried, Who took the sabre straight and took it striking, And laughed, and kissed his hand to me, and died.
Reflections on Chang and Holt," by Anita Kathy Foeman, and "Reconsidering Power and Politics: A Rejoinder," by Chang and Holt.
Fraser is not exactly a foeman worthy of my vainglorious steel, and in any case I can't be bothered hunting up his references and arguing with him; but I welcome him into the arena, if only for the purpose of airing views, and putting some life into sinology: moreover, I will answer anything, the issues of which are clearly defined, without referring me back to previous issues.