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Or perhaps, given our return to fog-bound Eugene, the wrong place.
For Kiska was not always fog-bound, windswept, dark, wet and ominous.
FOG-BOUND West Bromwich seems a far cry from the cloudless skies of the Far East.
The bus was traveling on fog-bound Interstate-25 when it rear-ended a car and ran off the road.
As sheets of rain cascaded between us and the fog-bound park, our discussion careened from failing face-flat in hobble-skirts to Gianni Versace's intellectual aspirations; we ranged from Barbie to Balenciaga before our host bore us into the bowels of the museum to be entranced by 350 years of closet space.
This is the Whitechapel murderer conjured forth from out of the pea-soup fog-bound alleys by the meticulous research -- hard work graced with a bonus of serendipity -- of Stewart Evans and Paul Gainey.
From fog-bound Barra to the streets of Muirhouse in Edinburgh one thing was clear - history was being made.
Swansea City manager Michael Laudrup was able to fulfil his media duties in Switzerland yesterday after >travelling separately from his squad, who were fog-bound in Cardiff
WITH 130 cars in a fog-bound pile-up on the Isle of Sheppey on Thursday, Twitter was alight with people telling friends they were safe and warning others of the dangers.
They will also have seen the frustration and fallibility of football: The fog-bound blunder against Bristol City was a major disappointment that sent some away scratching heads and questioning their sanity.
Dragons Men III 8 Doncaster IV 5 A DELAYED arrival at a wet and fog-bound Doncaster was quickly forgotten as Huddersfield dominated the opening period.
Daniel Parr, 25, admitted he was driving his Megabus too fast on the fog-bound M5 when the accident that claimed the life of 30-year-old Raymond Vaughan happened.