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McDew said that since the attacks on 9/11 and the counterinsurgency-focused conflicts the United States has fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, the military picture has grown "foggier and foggier."
Looking further towards the horizon the vision becomes foggier. Technologies such as block chain, digital currencies and artificial intelligence could well play a role in the payments world of the future.
LIFT TRUCK USERS who have embraced the concept of total cost of ownership (TCO) can probably still recall the days when making sense of asset, labor and maintenance costs was a much foggier ordeal.
Change, however, is often foggier. It takes a convergence of causes also selfish, crudely commercial, strategically pragmatic, and more reactive than altruistic.
The weather has also been proper wintry and it's been foggier than my head after a night on the diamond strip for most of the week.
As a church core that recognizes the existence of clear next steps as well as foggier ones in ministry, the Bass River Pastoral Charge is finding themselves in a learning curve in their attempts at reconciliation--as there seems to be no real bridges of trust to officially cross boundaries.
As for his own political future, the prospects are foggier. The oddly drawn nature of his district means there are no assurances he will win re-election.
After a few hours of alertness, your brain starts to steadily get foggier. You're moving a little slower, people are talking a little louder than they need to.
Navy did not simply refuse to change its traditional attitudes to command, painful as that might prove." (6) Yamamoto's preference for sticking with what he assumed to be the tried-and-true meant that he had all the foggier notion of what awaited him at Midway.
In the real world, the outlook for the future of communications and entertainment is foggier than either scenario suggests.
Additionally, recall that the LBO lenders may sell off some or all of the debt in the time between the transaction and the fraudulent transfer claim, (110) making equitable subordination a foggier matter.