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LAHORE -- Partly cloudy weather and foggy conditions caused temperature to drop by 3 degree celsius in the provincial capital which remained 19 degree celsius, while minimum was 9.
It will be misty to foggy at first in some places, followed by hazy and partly cloudy conditions along with a chance of rain and thunder, the weather office has said.
However, many homeowners don't realize that a foggy bathroom mirror is a sign of a bigger issue -- poor indoor air quality due to an old or outdated ventilation fan.
Fresh warnings have been issued to motorists after one person died and another was seriously injured in a two--vehicle crash in foggy conditions.
Dubai: Residents expecting winter "to come soon" due to the foggy conditions on Sunday and Monday in the UAE may just hold their excitement for now as winter is still months away, although cooler weather is on the way.
On a foggy weather, an automobile hit a semi-trailer truck, which left Orhan Erdoy-an in the car dead.
The foggy weather could end temporarily due to drizzling expected on January 14 and 15 in South Punjab.
Four-time world superbike champ Foggy, 49, beat former X Factor contender Jake Quickenden and TV's Melanie Sykes to take the jungle title on Sunday night.
The Huddersfield-born former British Superbike champion has been glued to the screen since Foggy landed in the Australian outback for the ITV reality show and posted a video asking viewers to save him from elimination on Monday.
MUD LARK: Beaten Foggy congratulates Edwina on her performance
Drivers are advised to avoid using their hazard lights and to use low-beams in foggy conditions.
QOUR new house has turning tilt windows that whistle and some have foggy glass units.