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Oh, well," said Maggie, rather foiled by Luke's unexpectedly decided views about Dutchmen, "perhaps you would like 'Animated Nature' better; that's not Dutchmen, you know, but elephants and kangaroos, and the civet-cat, and the sunfish, and a bird sitting on its tail,--I forget its name.
The Swedish company Antiphon has introduced a totally new product for structure borne sound damping; antiphon MPM (metal-polymer-metal) foiled, a sheet metal laminate with a thin foil on one side.
Governments should meet the costs of extra security imposed at airports since British police said they had foiled a plot to blow up transatlantic airliners, the International Air Transport Association said on Saturday.
Additionally, all Cal Door RTF "cut-for-glass" style doors and French Lites are foiled on the back instead of the commonly used method of painting the backs.
According to Akzo Nobel, this technique eliminates the need for costly heated rotary engraved dies and offers converters benefits such as half tone metallic effects and clear fine detail foiling with no recession of the foiled image into the substrate.
It was responsible for the introduction to the UK of the foil emboss process and was the first company in Europe to undertake the commercial application of a hot foiled hologram.
Scientists working at an ancient ceremonial center in Peru can be forgiven if they break into a chant of "Hallelujah, foiled again.